Manual rotation not working

I've just started playing with KWGT. I can't get manual rotation to work.

When I set an object's rotation to "manual" I understand the only way to enter a formula is to select the checkbox, and pick the calculator icon from the top bar. Once this is done, I notice the "type" of rotation changes from "manual" to "none". I can tell the rotation line's calculator icon, and enter a formula, but it is never reflected in the object's actual rotation. I've tried entering some amount in degrees, e.g. 100, 270, 5, and formulas, including the one I really want to use, a 24h clock formula: $(dp()-dp(h0m0s0))/240$ or $(dp(h)+(60*dp(m))/24)*360$. None of these do anything. The object stays rotated at 0 degree.

Other selections for rotation work fine, but this fundamental functionality appears broken.

I'm using the ad-supported version from the Google Play Store.

Thanks in advance for any advice or workarounds!

No matter. After hours of trying to figure this out, I found the correct solution within 5 minutes of posting.

The formula belongs on the following "offset" line, not the "rotation" line. That wasn't obvious. So I guess that's still a problem, but a UI problem, not a functionality one.


Yes unfortunately the "rotation" option is just the rotation TYPE and has to be manual to allow formulas on the offset param