Making a complication bar?

Is there a way to make a progress bar or ring from complication data? For example like steps progress or heart rate? I tried using all the value’s but no luck.

You can try creating a regular progress bar, but with data from complications.

I’ve tried that for steps but I can’t figure out the progress part of it. Like for a ring or progress bar.

You can add a regular progress bar to your preset and set its progress to “Custom”. Set the Max attribute formula to $cd(1, rmax)$ and Level to $cd(1, rval)$. Make sure that you set slot 1 of your complications to steps. I hope that helps. If you want a circular/arc progress, you can use the steps here, but using the same concept as the regular progress bar.

I’ll give it a try. Thank you so much for the help

It worked great in the editor but showed up as a blank circle on the watch.

Can you post a test preset here if how you’re doing it so we can check?

I was able to figure out the formula. The complication data just needed a little bit of tweaking. So this is what I got incas someone else would like it. And it works good.
$100/10000*cd(1, rval)$…

Now my only problem I can’t figure out is distance value to make a distance ring. I set my 4th data to distance complication and can pull the actual miles text but can’t seem to get the progress ring

Thanks for sharing this, Billy. You can only get progress if you have a maximum value to get your percentage from. If you have a way to pull that value from the watch, then it should work the same as the steps.

I understand. Thank you

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