Make Quick Function Widget in KWGT

Hi, in Nova Launcher there aren’t these quick function widgets:
Cleaner, wifi, hotspot, mobile data, lock, torch, airplane, Bluetooth, and contact widgets.

These widgets only exist in my phone launcher (Poco Launcher). So Im wondering is it possible to make these widgets with KWGT? particularly the cleaner widget, because that the one i want to use, but I’m also curious about the others.

This is not possible mainly due to the fact that Kustom has no privileged access to the system to switch most of those things on/off

Ok thanks for the answer

Hmm…what if Kustom+ Tasker?Then at least there are any chances!?

Can you explain to me, I’ve heard tasker but i never know what is it and how to use it

If you think of KLWP controlling all your UI or interface, you can think of Tasker as controlling your phone’s hardware. Its a more advanced version of ITTT with more features and lots of forum & Reddit support. With Tasker all, or almost all, that you are interested in should be possible. Tasks can be triggered by profiles (locations, actions, etc.) or manually with touches or gestures in your launcher.

For example when I turn on my car, and turn the phone to horizontal, it will connect to BT, load a new KLWP minimal ‘car’ interface, and turn on my BVR video recording traffic cam, all automatically. (The phone has a magnetic holder on the windshield). I tried to make the actions triggered by the magnet being attached but either it wasn’t sensitive enough or something else so I just used the ‘connected to Mazda BT’ as the trigger.

Some things may require a rooted phone but mine isn’t.

Tasker is an application for automating phone processes. Kustom and Tasker can be combined to create tasks. I expressed an assumption. I myself only recently started studying Kustom. But I am already sure that by combining these two programs, you can create something that interests you.