Lpad does not always work

If I use a simple formula like this
it returns 01.
When I add a semicolon i.e.
it returns 1:
I would expect it to return 01:

With the expected output, you should be writing the “:” outside of the formula.


That works, untill I want to use it in an ‘if’ - formula.
then they do not have $$ to enclose it.

If you must include the “:” in your IF statement instead of writing it outside the condition, you can try something like this:

$tc(reg, tc(lpad,tf(bi(plugged)h)-1,2,0), “$”, “:”)$

You can find this information from the guide here.

Works like a charm
Nope, worked for the ‘h’ - part, but when I add the same formula for ‘m’ (and without the ‘:’) it strips the leading zero.