Lockscreen fading into mainscreen animation

So I've been tinkering around with KLWP and I notices that if you have a fading in animation for unlocking, it could seriously affects the performance of the app depending on how large the image you choose to use as the "fading in lockscreen". I got from completely frozen unlocking animation with a 1MB image to somewhat usable, but still sluggish at times with a 76Kb jpg. Can't we do something about this to speed up the process and not places more load onto the system? I mean, the lockscreen image is already there...

This is a weird behaviour, I never see this reported by users, but if you have that problem, we can see what happens👍😃.

What is your phone and your OS, nougat, oreo?

When this happen, always, random?

Look if Klck is not in Battery save mode in your phone

You have the option in the animation to speed up the speed

Excuse me I think that you are talking about Klck👍🤦‍♂️

I make a test now in Klwp, and my phone works well with this animation, and I'm using a 3,7mb image.

The questions that I made are the same, only see if Klwp is not in battery save mode in your phone.

Huh that's strange. Do you think that maybe it's because the pack is so overloaded and heavy that it affects the overall performance? Anyway, I'm using a Redmi note 4x, android 7.0 and already set no restriction on KLWP. The pack I used is the Nier theme pack someone made and shared on the nier subreddit. Here's the github link

If it's not too much trouble, can you take a quick look at it and see if there's anything wrong with the pack itself? Or maybe Mi phones are just crappy with this.

P/s: yeah the problem is entirely random. Sometimes it works perfectly without any hitchup, most of the time it just skip right to the mainscreen, frozen in place until the duration of the fading animation is over, and sometimes it will play after a delay of 2 to 3 seconds.

Hi Artorias👍, first the Miui OS have a bit of problems with Klwp.

Second, this Nier theme is very complex I think, it have the posibility to use tasker too(I don't know if you are using it)

Maybe the best test is to use a simple Klwp theme(made by you or from other designer) put the unlock animation and see if you have the same problem.

I'm thinking now that other problem is if you lock and after unlock your phone very fast, and you have a delay in the fading animation.This type of animation that trigger by unlock or visibility,in your case when you lock the phone, the animation go in reverse to start the animation when you unlock the phone, if you lock and unlock very fast the animation don't have the option to reverse.