Location of installed packs

I installed some packs and I would like to move them from the main storage to SD card.
Is it possible to do that? Where they placed on my drives?

In the /kustom folder on your device. Theme are in /kustom/wallpapers, widgets in kustom/widgets, Komponents in kustom/Komponents. Note, locked themes may be hidden by their developer

For APK packages you can not move an app to the external storage unless the app has this explicit flag on, i will try to see if i can change the APK standard image to make this possible but it won’t be available for existing packs and it will be possible only for packs built on top of it.

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I’m trying to export my widgets as zip files but they only export as file and like that I’m not abble to restore my work done and have no more space for new ones. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks.