Location (auto gps) does not work

When I set primary location to Auto (GPS), widget does not show location, its just blank. I have High Accuracy enabled both in Android and the app settings. Location and sensor permissions are granted. Changing weather provider does not work. Force update gives

Location not detected correctly, please enable gps/network positioning.

I also tried reinstalling, clearing cache and data.

Do you have Google Play Services installed?

I have the same problem now, mine worked fine right untill I bought premium.

How to do that?

I have the sam problem too, how to fix it?

Are all we save selected of we do clear cache??

I've had to disable "Google Location Accuracy" and WiFi, Bluetooth scanning so the phone is in GPS only mode to get proper location on my phone, when GPS is the only reliable source of location data. Otherwise my phone ignores GPS even if network location is grossly inaccurate and reports locations miles away from me.

Then I either use high accuracy mode in KWGT which keeps GPS on all the time, or alternatively I use another app... GPS Logger for Android set to turn GPS on at a set interval, like every 10 minutes (or any other time interval).