Launch App touch action not working

All my installed and exported KLWP themes suddenly won't launch any apps when tapping icons assigned to them. Tried re-assigning & editing actions manually but it still won't work. Using KLWP pro with a Nova Launcher on a PocoF1. Everything worked well until yesterday. Is this a bug which will be sorted out?


I resolved this problem by following these steps:

  • Place a widget
  • Long press on the widget and choose 'App info'
  • Select 'Other permissions'
  • Select 'Start in background' and change to 'Accept'

Hope this works for you too!

Thank you soooo much Ian. ive got this problem with the clock widget. it launch first after the edit but after that, tapping will not do anything. wierd enough it works again once after opening the preset and saving it. still only once. your suggestion works miracle !! thx man