Latest Version 3.75b405118beta breaks all my widgets

As mentioned in the title, the latest beta version breaks all my widgets. All widgets have become extremely small. Upon checking, I realized that the scale for the layer is set to be 0. The preview window only shows a small square, and I can’t see anything else.

In addition to that, the data obtained from Health Connect is inaccurate. I walked 1466 steps, but it shows 4068 steps. Additionally, it shows that I took 0 steps yesterday, which is incorrect.

Edit: After I tried to re-adjust all the scale, I realized that the widgets do not respond to touch anymore.


I was on the beta from the Play store. Unrolled and reinstalled and it works again

A new beta was just rolled out a few hours ago to address some issues on the previous beta. It’s currently available via manual download. I suggest you check that and see if it’ll help.

I tried the newer beta, it is still the same.

hi, the same here, I unrolled Beta and reinstalled regular version (3.74) still the same issue, nice on the screen but only little square on the editor (and all the touch function gone)

Experienced the exact same issue - all my created posts appear corrupted or as the word “CORRUPTED”. All third party packs and collected packs are the same.

Have rolled back and used non-beta version but this only works for a short time before widgets become unresponsive and corrupt again.

Looking for a fix please, Kustom?

Also had issues with the most recent beta. The graphic elements were are resized incorrectly. No reaction to any touches.

I reverted to the prior version (restoring with swift backup) - and lost all of my widgets.

Then I figured, let me recreate/reload from my saved presets and see what happens. No improvement - incorrectly sized widgets and no response to touches.

I went back to the prior version and had to recreate all of my widgets.

I am super sorry about this, please manually download latest version >= 3.75b405308beta , Play Store update coming soon. Manual download is available at:

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