KWGT widgets stop working when I turn the device off

KWGT widgets on my homescreen do not appear when I turn my device on after it has been turned off for quite some time. I tried to see whether it works when I restart the device and lo, the widgets stop working again. It just fails to load the widgets. It shows "click to setup and long press to resize". What should I do??

You have this problems only with the Kwgt widgets, or other widgets have the same problem?

You can see if you don't have Kwgt or your launcher in battery save mode in your phone, if yes, you need to remove it from here to prevent the phone kill the process of this apps in background.

No the problem persists with kwgt widgets only. If its only for battery optimization for the launcher then i got to change it but if its not then what should i do??

No sir, i have already put my launcher in "not optimised" list yet the problem persists. What should i do??

Maybe is your phone or Operative System, I don't know what you can make now, maybe try other launcher and see if this solve the problem, if not, maybe contact the developer of Kwgt and report your problem with all the information, phone, Operative System, Launcher,

Okay thanks. I reinstalled the app. Lets see if the problem persists.