KWGT WallpaperColors API

With Android 8.1 Android has an API for getting colors from you Wallpaper. See and android developers at Youtube. Would be awesome if we could use this in KWGT, to change the widgets based on the colors of the wallpaper. I understand it is just released official (outside from the beta that started a couple of months ago). And not everyone could benefit from this yet, since you have to have Android 8.1, but would be a great addition for the future for an already great app!

Wow, this is more for KLWP actually :)

Anyway i can add to KWGT and KLCK a way to get Wallpaper colors, it will work with static images OR with live wallpapers on 8.1, thanks for pointing this out, upvoted!

Ich benutze Kolorette (Playstore)

Da kann man die Farben auch direkt für Kustom als Formel exportieren,

This is now available in 3.70