I’m a new user of kwgt kwlp, and it didn’t take me long to really like this app.

I found a little problem that was quite annoying. Klwp works better than kwgt.

KWGT widgets are often delayed, especially the clock widget. Meanwhile the same clock on Kwlp works perfectly, even down to the second hand.
All the kwgt kwlp settings on my device are exactly the same, and I have disable battery optimizations for both kwgt kwlp.

Image caption: clock gauge kwgt below, kwlp above

That’s in the design, it’s not a bug. Kwgt updates every 5 seconds, klwp every 1 second. You can change update to “fast” in kwgt settings, but it’ll never be as responsive as klwp

Thanks for an explanation and sorry for my late reply. I understand it now. And stop using kwgt since kwlp works better for me.

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