[KWGT] Tasker Send Variable - Kustom Dynamic var


I would like to make a request based on a use-case scenario that will help alot of people who use KWGT(KLWP?) for news feed, multiple arrays(lines), custom parsed text from web-pages or API's. I use KWGT along with AutoTools to parse a HTML page and display a widget with news headline, body text and thumbnail. I think this implementation can make things more easy and create much more dynamic content based on tasker vars.

Attached you can find an example of XDA News Feed Widget (last 5 news with Title, description and thumbnail) made with a tasker plugin and KWGT. :)

Currently i must push every position from array ( title/body and thumbnail ) to KWGT using the folling Tasker plugin actions

Tasker string: %title(0) | Kustom variable: title1
Tasker string: %body(0) | Kustom variable: body1
Tasker string: %thumbnail(0) | Kustom variable: thumbnail1
Tasker string: %title(1) | Kustom variable: title2
Tasker string: %body(1) | Kustom variable: body2
Tasker string: %thumbnail(1) | Kustom variable: thumbnail2
Tasker string: %title(2) | Kustom variable: title3
Tasker string: %body(2) | Kustom variable: body3
Tasker string: %thumbnail(2) | Kustom variable: thumbnail3
all the way to 10

Nothing wrong here, but the coding practice and the look of the "code" looks very messy :) I would like to request support for tasker variable in "Kustom variable" field (dynamic variable name). All the lines(3 arrays * 10 items = 30 lines) could resume to just 3 if i can pass to "Kustom variable" field a tasker variable. Then i can write a FOR with an incremental variable %num++ (in tasker) and loop through each array pushing it's content to a Kustom variable also named based on same variable => title%num

Tasker string: %title(%num) | Kustom variable title%num
Tasker string: %body(%num) | Kustom variable body%num
Tasker string: %thumbnail(%num) | Kustom variable thumbnail%num

One loop, 3 lines instead of 30. Every value from array being pushed to a kustom variable named automatically title1, title2, title3, ... etc.

Thank you very much in advance, and i'm waiting for a response to this suggestion. Users, if you find this request useful please vote and support the idea, i think it will be a huge addition to Kustom products.

Cheers, Dragos. :)


Any answer regarding my suggestion? :) I find this useful, as maybe others too, but just don't know where to search for it. I think the same method used for "Tasker string" could be used for "Kustom variable", parsing the variable, then search for that element by resulting name.



I think the request to parse JSON in a variable would be a more generally useful suggestion that will also solve this: get tasker to send multiple items in JSON to KWGT then parse it any way you like it :)

Please upvote Parse JSON in a variable?