KWGT Pro without GooglePlay Services


I purchased the Pro Key for the default KWGT App in the PlayStore (via the website). Now I downloaded the Pro Key (-App) and the KWGT App via AuroraStore ( and started the Pro Key App which said that it's icon wont show in the launcher anymore and that it was installed successfully (that quote is not correct but it said something like that and reported no error). After that I opened the KWGT App which basically told me to check if gms is enabled and that I'm using an up-to-date version of it.

After that I refunded the Pro Key because idk how long that is possible after purchasing an app but I seriously want to use the Pro Version in combination with another app with some already created widgets.

So the problem is: I don't have gms installed and I'm not willing to change that on my main phone. (I use a deggogled android 12 custom rom)


KWGT (Pro and non paid version both) doesn't work when there's no gms installed. I'd be very happy if there's a way I could use KWGT without gms.

Thanks in advance,


I have same problem.

Yes, I didn't think kustoms was built to be so relient on the playstore. I mean it's the only app that does not want to work on my de-googled phone. After paying for pro I have spent years building my custom widgets to now find out it's not supported. Without have the google playstore installed. So sad!

I hope something can be done about this issue and allow us de-googled customers Access.


I have the same issue!!

Is there a way around it. I really want kwgt to work. Paying customs should get what they payed for right?