KWGT Pro Key

I recently purchased the KWGT Pro Key and wanted to get a new plugin. The plugin originally cost $0.99 and even after getting the Pro Key I still had to pay full price. I want to know if this is normal or if there really is a problem with my Pro key.

What plugin?

You only need to pay for weather providers that are paid, you have 3 or 4 free weather providers and 2 that are anually paid, and this are not plugins.

If you search KWGT on the app store that require the Pro Key. They still cost money though.

Ah yes, some widgets that you have in the Playstore are made by designers that want his work paid, this are not the Kwgt app, you can make your own widgets, or search in the Playstore for free widgets, or search in the web for free widgets for Kwgt too.

Man that sucks :( Thanks for telling me though...