KWGT Pro - Bottom Editor Panel height too small, not resizable

Caption: my small editor panel on Samsung S23; screenshot overlayed & image edited onto phone background to show scale & interaction with corner bezels.

I’m using KWGT Pro on a Samsung S23 and having significant UX issues with the Advanced Editor. The editor’s bottom panel with tabs Items, Backgrounds, Layers, etc., only covers the bottom 20% of my screen and leaves the majority of the editor space unused. I could not figure out a way to raise the vertical height of the bottom panel, nor could I adjust the vertically-centered preview square by moving it, resizing it, or reducing its top/bottom vertical spacing/margins to increase the bottom panel size.

The dimunitive panel height makes it extremely annoying to use the app and edit widgets. Its location also clashes with my OS gestures, making it difficult or impossible to select, access, or move the bottom element on the panel without invoking Undo or Home gestures.

Please let me know if there is a setting I can adjust to fix this. Otherwise, I’d greatly appreciate this spacing reduced on taller screens, or an app setting to change the panel height/center spacing height on our ends.


I don’t know if this is possible but would be an extremely useful feature if they implemented it!