KWGT on launch constantly detects an absent (deleted) widget from homescreen

Dear Kustom Community,


I created a widget on a blank new homescreen page to try a few ideas out. No longer needing it, I removed it by dragging to remove the homescreen page (which should also remove all items on that page too), rather than dragging to remove the widget itself. As expected, the launcher no longer displays that page or the widget.


I currently have 1 Kustom widget on my homescreen. The problem is that when launching KWGT (which used to automatically detect the single widget and display it in edit mode within the app), it now starts on a page listing active widgets: the single widget I actually have, and also the widget I thought I removed. Selecting it does not enter it into edit mode (because it's not actually there on my homescreen), instead the app pauses to think and then takes me to the Installed widgets page.

In the Kustom internal storage folder, I deleted all autosaves, there is nothing in the cache folder, I never exported it. Is it still loaded in memory? Is it stored somewhere? The reason I care is that I don't want it eating my battery and hogging any RAM (especially as it's of no use!). I have noticed my battery depleting slightly faster than usual.

I hope you can offer a fix in an update or a solution to this problem. I welcome any suggestions.


Kustom gets widgets list from the Android subsystem, in particular every launcher creates what is called a Widget Host that will provide a list of "hosted" widgets. When Kustom queries them they will return the list of the ones they currently have and Kustom has to trust that list, there is no way around that. So, if you are seeing widgets that should have been removed it means that one of these hosts is not properly reporting that and i cannot fix it.

The only way to remove "ghost" widgets is to export all the ones you have, uninstall KWGT entirely and reinstall.

Thank you for your reply.

If I uninstall, should that be both KWGT and KWGT Pro? And if I do uninstall, when I reinstall these apps will I have to purchase KWGT Pro again?

If this is a launcher-based issue (I am using Evie), do you think uninstalling and reinstalling that will also solve this problem?

Thanks again for your help.