Kwgt no longer live updating video art

Hi, I built a widget for controlling YouTube videos when played through Vivaldi browser. I used kwgt and tasker. Because kwgt doesn’t recognize Vivaldi as a media player I can’t grab the thumbnail to use as album art using mi(cover) so instead I extract that info with tasker and send it as a variable.

About a month ago the image stopped updating unless I open kwgt and re save the widget every time it changes.

I’m using a global variable to force refresh the image so it will update but it’s still not working.

Here’s the global variable

$if(br(tasker, 2refresh)=1, br(tasker, 2art), if(br(tasker, 2refresh)=2, br(tasker, 2art)))$

And here is its output

content://com.joaomgcd.autonotification/com .vivaldi.browser_2137975160

The image shows up correctly but it will not update to the new image unless I save the widget again.

Since content:// is an url can you try adding a parameter like content://com.joaomgcd.autonotification/com .vivaldi.browser_2137975160?ts=X

Where X is the timestamp of when this has changed

I will give this a try. Should the time be formatted a specific way like milliseconds since epoch?