Kwgt letest beta doesn't allow to edit locked widgets

Previously we could unlock widgets to edit components inside of it , but now on letest kwgt we can't edit widgets which are locked , tapping on lock icon shows this (attachment added )

I have confirmed from widget developer and other kwgt beta user

When a developer lock a widget, Klwp preset or komponent, other users can't unlock it, only change globals that are in the root of the preset and you can't save the changes made in this presets. What you can is in a komponent that is not locked by the designer, unlock it like you said, and make the changes that you want and save it, but this is not a locked komponent.

When a designer lock his work is for read only in Kustom apps.

Yes bro that i know , but i am saying after checking it , i have fuchsia kwgt widgets and I found out and confirmed with developer and other kwgt beta user

You can check tapping locked icon on fuchsia kwgt widgets on previous kwgt and letest kwgt beta

You'll know what i am talking about , it broke ability to edit components for many widgets