KWGT Komponents importing not working

Hi, thanks for such great apps. I'm using the KWGT Pro app. I downloaded some of Brandon Crafts free komponents, like the "Reddit JSON". I tried importing them from my file explorer. It says it got imported and asks me to check the Export option from within the app. And when I try to find it from within the app it does not show anything. Could you please help me fix this?

Try to go with your browser and download it, probably this open the option to import with Kwgt, if not, find the file in your phone and cut and paste it in the Kustom>Widgets folder, it's going to show in your Kwgt app in imported.

Hey thanks for replying. I tried the steps you mentioned above before but they didn't work either. But I found the solution. I just had to import it from the 'Komponent' section.

Ahh yes, you need a .komp file, it's like you are importing other file from Brandon Craft like a .json file, I was tempeted to ask you if this was a komponent, Good you solve this,

You can import .komp, .kwgt, .klwp, .klck files, and if you want a fonticon, you need to import the .ttf and the .json file.

Good designs.👌