KWGT "forgets" tasker variables

I love how KWGT looks, but I'm having a problem where my widget forgets tasker variables really fast. I wonder if there is something I'm doing wrong, or if it is a bug? The whole widget doesn't go blank, just the tasker variables.

More specifically, the KWGT widget seems to forget values from the br() function under these conditions:

- The screen changes away from my home screen (includes screen off or opening an app)

- Time passes with the home screen on (I've seen the widget lose the values anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes after the update.)

If it's relevant, I'm on 5.1.1 with only 1Gb of ram, so maybe KWGT is getting pushed out of memory. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Memory shouldnt matter, KWGT is caching the Tasker vars, are you using the native KWGT plugin? Are you super sure that its not a Tasker issue? In the past people reported similar issues and it was always Tasker sending a blank value from time to time. Please ensure you are running Kustom latest release.

Thanks for your help. The Play store shows no updates for KWGT, and I'm on version 3.25.

I am using the Tasker task "KWGT Send Variable". I'm just testing, so the task currently doesn't run on any profiles. It is only manually run so it shouldn't be sending blank values when I'm not actively using Tasker. That doesn't mean Tasker isn't sending bogus info, but it isn't doing it because a task is running.

I just tested, and the Tasker run log showed nothing at the time the widget lost the values.

Ok, this shouldnt happen, is there anything that might be interferring with Kustom cache clearing it? You can try next release which should be out as stable next Tuesday downloading it from (i didnt fix anything on this specific topic but just to ensure we still have the issue)

Well, I rebooted my phone when changing SIM cards and the problem hasn't happened since. I'm gonna chalk this up to something weird going on with my phone that a restart sorted out. I didn't get to installing the new apk yet, FYI, but everything seems to be working fine now.

Thanks for your help!

Thanks, strange, will mark as answered for now, please post a new bug in case :)

I know this is an old conversation. But as a newbie I found this as well. It seemed to me that this problem went away as soon as I disabled battery optimizations. Without that, even with a notification showing, Android can kill apps. I think that when this happens, the variable values must get lost. Anyhow, has never happened again once I disabled battery optimizations.