KWGT displays wrong time in all widget packs

KWGT on my phone displays wrong time. It shows 15:00 but in fact the real time is 22:00. I bought the pro version on my galaxy note 5 but the problem is still there

Are you sure you are not using a preset with a non default location? Open the editor and go to "Layer" tab, there you have an option called "Location" ensure is set to "Default" and save. Same preset has a non default location when exporting and this creates this problem.

Thankyou for solving my problem. Coz I have the same problem

Hi , im having the same problem but the widget imported has default location and even shows the current time in the preview , and current gps location correctly , but when applied to screen the widget shows "Correct Location" but time is 5 hrs different to my location

Hey, I have the exact same issue, In the preview it shows 00:45 (the correct time) but on the home screen it shows 21:45. Even if I change the phone time, it is still 3 hours behind, (at 3:45 on the phone time it shows 00:45 on the home screen)

as per development team , it will be fixed in upcoming update