KWGT custom widget for showing my Google Chrome favorites (bookmarks)

I would like to create a KWGT custom widget in full screen size with transparent background for showing my Google Chrome favorites (bookmarks) but I don’t know exactly, how to proceed. Can anybody please support me with that? Thanks a lot!

Technical setup
Device type: OnePlus 9 Pro
OS version: Android 14
KWGT Pro version: 3.75b410013
Launcher: Nova

I don’t think this is possible with just KWGT alone. You may need something like Tasker/AutoTools to do this.

I too have made a nearly full screen widget for weather and I then discovered that my phone’s RAM doesnt exactly like it - teamed with KLWP and a few other widgets I got many problems.

So, first of all check out the app “Popup widget” in Google Play. I used it to “transform” my full screen widget in a nice popup window.

Apart from that, I dont think you need much else, only problem being are you ready to manually create all your chrome favorites-bookmarks as “buttons” in a kwgt widget and apply touch actions to open URL links? Or were you hoping that this process would be somehow “automated”?

You could try to export your bookmarks to a text file, then access it and parse it from within KWGT/KLWP.

Hope this help.

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Thanks for your reply @Ace, I highly appreciate your support!

Do you know if there are any instructions anywhere on how to do this with Tasker?

Thanks for your reply @Theodor, I highly appreciate your support!

I tried out “Popup widget” and it seems to be awesome for adding new layers on top of my full screen KWGT widget. Very good recommendation!

Yes, I was hoping that KWGT would allow you to automatically import Chrome bookmarks. In my case, with several hundred bookmarks, this is a must.

Thanks for your reply @Baju_Santiko, I highly appreciate your support!

Do you know if there are any instructions anywhere on how to proceed as you recommended?

I try to guide you here, hopefully it is quite clear for you. :pray:

Export Chrome bookmark

Move or export bookmarks to another browser

If you decide to use a different browser, you can take your Chrome bookmarks with you.

• On your computer, open Chrome.
• At the top right, select More More and then Bookmarks and lists and then Bookmark Manager.
• At the top, select More More and then Export Bookmarks.
• Chrome exports your bookmarks as an HTML file. Use this file to import your bookmarks into another browser.


Edit the exported bookmark file

Edit the exported bookmark file, using any text editor apps.

The goal is to remove any HTML tags from the bookmark file, so that only bookmark links remain in the file.

The cleaned bookmark file can be save as another text file (.txt).

Access the bookmark data from KWGT/KLWP

  1. Create a new global variable to store retrieved bookmark data (i.e. bmrkData)

  2. Create a new flow to retrieve the binder data and store it to the previously made global variable.

  3. Create a new text object to display the bookmark data that is previously stored in the global variable.

• There may be a text length limit for a variable and/or text object in KWGT/KLWP.
• Accessing a huge data from a text file may take some time, so there will be a delay in processing & displaying the huge data.

Hope this help.

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Thanks for your perfect instructions. I do not have a lot KWGT experience but will try to implement that later. I wish you a great day!