KWGT crashing when editing for loop

Hello! I’m using KWGT and I’ve run into an issue. I’m using a global text variable in formula mode, and while in the text editor, the app freezes and then crashes when doing certain edits on a “for” loop. And while said for loop is in an unfinished state, the entire app runs slowly and is bogged down. As soon as i remove the for loop, it goes back to normal. My best guess is that the loop is being run as I’m editing it for preview purposes and its forever looping in its constant state, crashing the app. Perhaps adding a loop counter to the preview editor, producing an error or no text when its not coded correctly?

Obviously getting the for loop code correct is the easy solution, but sometimes when editing, I leave part of the code partially complete (but still close the function and the $$) to go reference another variable or an object. I’m using KWGT 3.73 with a Galaxy S20 FE on android 13 and One UI 5.0, with Nova Launcher. I’ve sent the bug report with the subject the same as this title to the bug report email.

Yes indeed thats the issue, currently its limited to 5000 loops, whats the formula you are writing? Unfortunately i have no way to use a timer and check how long it takes

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