KWGT and HONOR Magic V2

Last week I installed KWGT Pro (3.74b331712) on my new Honor Magic V2, at the beginning no problem at all.
Unfortunately since a few days, a problem has come up regarding changing colors of widget items.
I have attached a simple widget composed by only one text (fig.1), I changed orignal color with a new one (fig.2),
the old color (on the edit screen) seems to be changed (fig.3), I click on save (fig.4) to display my edited widget but the text color on the phone screen is always the old one (fig.5).
The exit from edit popup has an unusual font in my opinion.
Thanks for help.

Have you turned on high contrast text in accessibility settings?

Thanks for the reply, but I have already set on this option.

So turn off high contrast text option.

many thanks, it works.