KWGT 3.75 not compatible with android 7

KWGT 3.75 is not compatible with android 7. It get error “There is a problem with parsing the package.”. Please fix it and downgrade to android 7! Thank you.

KWGT 3.73 is last version that supports android
6 and 7
KWGT 3.63 is last version that supports android 5

Checked the PlayStore and 3.74 should work with Android 6.0 and up. May I know when do you get this error? Is it when loading a preset? If yes, is this affecting all presets?

Can we port KWGT 3.75 to android 7? If not, why?

It has been 4 days and no one replied as KWGT 3.75 beta is not compatible with android 6 & 7

Dude, Android 7 is NINE years old! What do you expect?! To get the features in the latest Kustom beta, 3.75, you have to be using above a certain version of Android for them to work. Not only that, but I’m pretty sure Google enforce app developers to only support above certain versions of Android, or their apps will be removed to the Play Store.

Upgrade your phone, or downgrade to a version of KLWP which is supported by Android 7!

If 3.74 or 3.75 do actually support 6.0 and up, then maybe you have to uninstall Kustom, clear data and cache and then reinstall

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Latest KWGT build 3.75beta dropped support for android 6 and 7.
Last year, KWGT 3.70beta dropped support for android 5.

Thus, dropping support for android 6 and 7 for all kustom apps.

So, can you fix this app and downgrade min API level to 23?

any updates??
anyone here??

Sorry for the late reply. KWGT 3.75 introduced Health Connect support to replace old Google fitness API which are going out of support soon. Health Connect libraries have no support for Android 7. Since health connect is not supported on Huawei store and the AOSP version if it’s something that could be useful I can check if this can be overidden in those builds.

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