Can anyone tell me what KWeather does and how much $ is it to make it work properly.

I was thinking about trying AccuWeather and was wondering what info is provided for hourly data.

KWeather is just a plugin to allow premium weather providers. Without it, you’ll only be able to use the few free ones. As for the Accuweather subscription, you should be able to see this by going to the Kustom app’s settings >> Weather >> Weather Provider >> AccuWeather >> Subscribe. Make sure you have the KWeather plugin installed before doing this.

Ok, thank you …

Do you happen to know how to see what hourly info AccuWeather provides❓

The general format to get a weather forecast is wf(type, day, [hours]).

To get an hourly forecast:

1st hour: $wf(cond, 0, 1)$
2nd hour: $wf(cond, 0, 2)$
3rd hour: $wf(cond, 0, 3)$

Ok, thanks …

I was wondering if there would be any additional data like wind speed and humidity by hour with AccuWeather.

The same concept should apply to other data.

$wf(wspeed, 0)$
$wf(wspeed, 1)$
$wf(wspeed, 2)$

Ok thanks, I appreciate your help :slightly_smiling_face: