KWCH : Music information and commands not working

I try again since probably my previous post wasn’t clear.
Actually each information and command related to music isn’t working on KWCH (bought version).
Since I’m a developer I installed Android Studio and realised a demo WatchFace that correctly receives information about current playing song.
I imagine your implementation relies on MediaSessionManager and getActiveSessions using a NotificationListenerService extension.
The problem is that your notification class isn’t in the list of getEnabledListenerPackages so you will probably never reading music information.
I had the same problem with my implementation and I managed it working only after adding manually my class using “adb shell cmd notification allow_listener /”.
I don’t know if such issue is related to galaxy watch 6 only but is really annoying and makes your app useless for my target (check health and music from a WatchFace).
Just for sake of completeness, my app manifest is correct, including the service BIND_NOTIFICATION_LISTENER_SERVICE and notifications were activated in my app also before the adb command, but package never appeared in list before adb enable.

The watch is currently not correctly asking access to notifications i think, i am investigating this issue, your comment is incredibly helpful :slight_smile: