KWCH Installed on watch but not allowing me to send watchface... among many other issues

Fossil Gen 6
Android 11
Wear OS 3.5

I was using KWCH without any issues for a while, but when the update that broke the touch actions went through everything else broke as well.

I have installed KWCH on my phone (latest version from download link) and KWCH on my watch (via inside KWCH when trying to send a watchface). But when I go to send the watchface again, it says KWCH is not installed and sends my watch to the playstore page, which only has “uninstall” on it.

I also tried installing kwear from the download page via an APK installer to my watch, but it says the app isn’t compatible with my watch. Not even sure what kwear is, I wasn’t aware it existed until now.

Also I can’t sign into KWCH, I was getting “DEVELOPER ERROR” before I updated to KWCH 3.75 from 3.74, now I am getting "10: ".
I also had to uninstall KWCH and download from the kustom link. I couldn’t update KWCH from the store, it kept erroring out.