Kustom Launcher

Kustom (Own) Launcher

Have you guys ever thought about making a Kustom Launcher? Because right now, we only use a combo with Nova + KWGT/KLWP.

And thats combo isn’t very integrated. We need to configure a lot of things to make it somewhat working with Kustom’s Apps.

What I had in mind are :

  • Full integration with all of custom apps but need to choose only 1 between KWGT or KLWP (Maybe KLWP only is enough?)
  • No gesture conflict because this launcher depend on gesture from the extensions.
  • Just an app drawer function is needed.
  • Other features is optional as long as it will not conflicting with the Kustom extensions like KWGT or KLWP

Or is there someone already make this kind of launcher?

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Smart/Nova Launcher are enough to be honest. Launchers take time to develop, but good idea though.