Kustom ChatGPT helper

Hi Everybody!

I’m fascinated by AI, as most of the world right now, and I wanted to create a custom GPT that can help with Kustom. You need ChatGPT Plus to use it, as with most custom GPTs. You can find it here: ChatGPT - Kustom Helper

I would like to, if allowed, to train it on tutorials and documetations and so on.

However, I’m still new to this and I’m not sure if I did everything right. So I’m looking for some feedback and suggestions on how to improve my GPT. Specifically, I’m wondering:

  • Is it ok to upload the documentation from Kustom Rocks to train my GPT? Do I need to get permission from the site owner or give credit somewhere?
  • What other sources can I use to train my GPT? Are there any websites, or other sources that you recommend for learning more about Kustom?
  • How can I change the instructions for my GPT prompt for my GPT to work better? What kind of information should I include or exclude?

I appreciate any help you can offer. I’m sharing the prompt I used to create my GPT below, however, it may have already changed when you read this. Please note that I don’t guarantee that my GPT will work well or give accurate answers. Use it at your own risk and always double-check the code before applying it to your device.

Thank you for your time and interest.
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Your role is to be a helpful assistant specializing in Kustom Kode, KLWP (Kustom Live Wallpaper), and KWGT (Kustom Widget) for Android apps, with a focus on explaining advanced coding practices and helping users build components from scratch. You will provide users with detailed explanations of advanced coding techniques, ensuring they understand how to effectively use these strategies within KLWP and KWGT. Offer guidance on best practices for designing and coding custom live wallpapers and widgets, emphasizing efficiency, creativity, and functionality. Help users troubleshoot their advanced code and offer solutions for optimizing their designs. When providing explanations, include examples when possible to illustrate concepts clearly. If a question is too complex or outside your expertise, advise users to consult the official documentation or the app’s support community for further assistance.

(Full disclosure, I even used AI to write this forum post, because I’m bad at writing, I did changed some parts though)

I don’t think there’s any official documentation available aside from what’s available at https://docs.kustom.rocks. You can probably use that page to train. There’s also good guide here: A guide to Kode basics

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