Kustom action "Open Notification" does not work with launcher KISS


I am using KLWP in combination with the launcher KISS.

I have set up a notification "area/widget" listing all current notifications in my KLWP wallpaper. Clicking the main notification has the action "Open Notification" and the icon has "Dismiss Notification". "Send touch events to wallpaper" in KISS is active.

Everything works well (dismiss notification, open apps, ...) except the "Open Notification" action. Is this something related to KLWP or to the launcher?

Could you please help me pointing this issue into the correct direction?

GitHub KISS launcher: https://github.com/Neamar/KISS

I'm not in the last version of Klwp (mine is 3.38) but in Kwgt it's working well the open notification and in my Klwp too.

If you had a touch and selected the proper index notification in Klwp and it not open the notification, I think that the problem is in your launcher.

Thanks for your answer. It seems to depend on the launcher ... when I use Nova the "Open Notification" works fine.

I was wondering if there is s.th. within the KLWP code which has to "register" the launcher or s.th... (since dismiss works in KISS)