Komponents frozen on home screen


I have a komponent with some elements the position of which depend on a value retrieved from OpenWeatherMap’s API json response obtained via an http link.

I’ve been using this komponent flawlessly for years, but since I updated to Android 14 in my Pixel 6 last week, the komponent remains frozen in my home screen and won’t update. If I open the editor, the komponent “lives” and gets its values changed as it should, but when I hit save those changes will not be transferred to the homescreen image, where I only see the same frozen image over and over again.

I have removed KLWP from battery optimization. Using KLWP version 3.74b330311 with Nova Launcher 2023 version.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks and have a nice day. :slight_smile:

Try to upgrade to the latest build of 3.74 from the link below and see if that makes a difference.


Thanks for your quick feedback. I installed the new version several hours ago and, unfortunately, I still experience the same behaviour.

The komponent is stuck with the shape that it adopted right after installing and launching the app update.

Any other ideas?

Thanks again.

Hi! Any other suggestion to bring back the “L” to KLWP in my device? Thanks!

A last attempt to get some feedback about this issue…


Howdy, neither wallpaper nor widgets are working at the moment for me either - something went badly wrong at the latest update some days ago. Samsung S20FE with Android 13.

Hi! Did you manage to solve this somehow?

Widgets are working now (3.73b331712), but wallpaper (same version) doesn’t. Just “loading”. Cannot even make an empty wallpaper.