Klwp suddenly stopped working this morning

Woke up and all the colors had been reset to default, and it is completely unresponsive. Tried reloading my background, tried with direct touch on and off, made sure batery optimization was not on. Any suggestions?

Using Samsung S22Ultra with Android 14 and OneUI 6.0

Do you get any error? Does it work on the editor? Are you on 3.75? Can you share your preset?

No errors. It does work in the editor. I am on Version 3.75b408115. I’m a new user in the forum so I can’t upload a preset, but I’m using a version of cyberpunk theme for KLWP. Been using KLWP on a perevious S22Ultra but that got stolen. Got it set up on my new phone, was working great for a few days then this morning woke up to no function.

Some more info:
-Using the pro version
-If I load a different preset that doesn’t have touch function either, with or without direct touch.

Just a shot in the dark, you didn’t add a screen protector on your new phone by any chance?

I did not. And it was originally working until today.

So did a full uninstall reinstall, and that seemed tonfix the problem. I’m still just baffled as tonwhy it happened.


Same happened to Me , and now images from Path is not showing. I think there are some issues with build 3.75…

Same here for me. This version has some error which prevents working.

I had to go down to the last version and this works just normal.

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Hi! “this” version which? 3.75 from play store? which is the error?

What issue did you have exactly? Any chance to reproduce it?

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Hi Frank,

As mentioned I have several Issues and I find it very Frustrating to use the KLWP now.

I will give you my Specs.

Android 14

Oxygen OS 14 Build CPH2413_14.0.0.500[EX01]

KLWP Ver. 3.75b410013 on Auto Update - Playstore Version.

For past 2 Weeks, after the 3.75 Update on first one, not the last day update, I got a black Live Wallpaper nothing worked, No Touch and nothing shown.

I have to re-install and it was working, but I face lots of lag on Touches and sometimes till 4-5 lock unlock it is not giving any touches.

I tried direct touch / Enable Disable

Parallel Rendering Enable /Disable

All Options I tried. I have used without any issues last 6 years or so KLWP , but I am also not sure this is due to KLWP.

I previously has got glitched Wallpapers, but it was resolved. Now it again comes like Matrix Screen Glitches in Wallpaper for 5-10 Seconds and it clears

My Worry is its not showing the Images of the Weather from global Parameter where I have defined a Formula to select which image depending on the Day/Night and Condition.

Also The Touch response issue , I am not sure why this is happening.

Attached some screenshots for reference.

I will see if your updates or Oxygen OS updates clears my issues any time, will report it.

ISSUE- No Weather Icons / Weather is Self Made with Images kept on Kustom Folder. Access Given on Install to Folder.

Hi Frank,
this morning I opened my phone (Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, actual Android Version) and got a standard background. Therefore I knew: KLWP is not working. I restarted the phone and the same: Neutral background. Then I changed the background to KWLP -no problem. It showed then my background of KLWP correctly but did not react to tap on the screen. Therefore usless. Nothing possible. I could go into KLWP and take other theme -same reaction.
Then I looked and found out that today night an automatic update of KLWP had been. I deinstalled it, then downloaded the last version and everything works fine as it should be. Now I look that there will be no more automatic updates…

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Same exact issues as OP
I’m on Android 13 on a samsung galaxy S20FE

It is only an update problem, not a software problem.

I deinstalled klwp and installed the actual version from new and everything is working fine.
I guess there are some incomparabitlities with some mobile phone systems when the update goes over the old version.

I am very happy. Even old issues are fixed (direct dialing) and now I know what to do if I have issues after an update. My theme always is exported, so no really work to deinstall and install again.


How do you uninstall updates?

You can not deinstall updates. You have to uninstall klwp and install an older version which you can download at the website of klwp. Very easy, no problem.