KLWP not working correctly after switching phones

Hello folks, I got a new phone yesterday ( samsung galaxy a54 5g) and did the smart switch thing, ever since the theme I had bought is not correctly working on my new phone. It gets displayed but I cannot click on any of the buttons, it used to work fine on my old samsung galaxy s7 though. Any help would be immensily appreciated.

No idea if it has to do with the phone itself or with the KLWP app.

First, make sure to remove KLWP from your device’s battery optimization. Also, go to KLWP app settings >> Advanced options >> Turn on “Disable Parallel Rendering”.

I would also go into Settings>Apps>Kustom LWP>Storage and the clear the Cache. Since it’s not working I’d also Clear Data and re-do the start-up setup.
I personally allow every permission but if it still doesn’t work try allowing all permissions.
Sometimes some of my apps are wonky and don’t work after using SmartSwitch which is why I usually start from scratch (and that’s aPain!).