KLWP FAQ Needs Update/Further Explanation

I am talking about the FZQ here. I followed this to “hide” wallpaper elements except on specific home screen pages.

I have ultimately learned that using the animation approach suggested as the sole way to do this in the FAQ is problematic in that even though the element is not shown on any save the specified “Center Screen” page of the launcher, any tap-able elements REMAIN ACTIVE. In my case, this was really NOT a good thing.

Thankfully someone responded to my posts indicating that using the animation approach as suggested in the FAQ has “done this forever” even though no mention of this is made in the FAQ. I was directed to employ the layer’s visibility to REMOVE based upon the results of $si(screen)$. I removed the animations, implemented the visibility mechanism, and this solved my problem.

I have to think that mine is a common use/case. Indeed, I cannot readily imagine a use/case where one would want an item that cannot be seen by the user to still accept tap events. Either way, I think that this important FAQ should be updated to:

  1. Be explicit about how tap events will fire when using the animation approach.
  2. Offer the REMOVE visibility solution as a viable (perhaps preferred) option.