KLWP editor will NOT permit me to set the number of home pages to 8

Cross-posted from Reddit… BTW - this is on an LG V40, rooted, with Android 9.

I use Nova Launcher w/KLWP and over time the number of my home pages has finally reached 8 (ie, the number of dots above the icon dock on the bottom is 8.

I go into editor, tap the page icon in upper right + change 7 (what it has been for some time) to 8 + tap ok. Most of the time nothing changes at all. The indicator of pages/max still says 7. And if I tap it again it opens + shows 7.

I have tried all sorts of dances + incantations, but it simply will NOT change to 8. Occasionally it will show an 8 - but only for a brief period + if I swipe pages, it returns to 7.

I can set it to 9 without trouble. It is like 8 is verboten! What is going on here. I am stumped. Thanks

Can’t seem to reproduce your issue. May I know which version of KLWP are you using? Also, can you check if this is affecting all themes including new and empty ones?

Hi and thanks for the help…

Play reports my apk at the most current version: 3.74b331712.

I see no appreciable difference when trying all of the other theme choices in the settings.

I do, however, just notice that after starting the editor, the page indicator initially shows there are 8 pages (for example, 4/8). But as soon as I tap it, it suddenly changes to 7 (for example, 4/7). And, if I continue to tap it until the screen count dialog shows up, the setting is at 7, not 8. And, if I change it to 8 in the dialog, the page indicator does NOT update to 8 nor can I swipe to an 8th page. It stops at 7. And if I again tap it until the screen count dialog shows, I find it is set to 7, not 8.

This is all very strange. Cheers

This could be just an app glitch. Try clearing the app’s cache and then restarting your device and see if that makes a difference.

No idea why I didn’t think of this. Sadly, it made no difference to this problem. Since I can set it to 9 without problem, I have done so. That allows me to swipe to the 8th page within the editor. And I see no down side to it - even though I have no 9th page added in Nova. Still, this is all quite strange and I don’t get it at all. Thanks!

I recently found more information (not a fix however) regarding this…

I put a text item at the bottom of my screen which contains $si(screen)$ (BTW - NOT documented here) and I can then watch what happens as I swipe between home pages.

Doing this outside of the editor when there are 8 pages results in the actual page 7 displaying 7 as expected. But the actual page 8 displays 7 once again. See a video of this here. If I add a 9th page, all works as expected.

I have tested using both my normal, Nova launcher AND the same phone’s default launcher and I get the exact same results. So I am disinclined to see this as a launcher issue. Seems most likely a KLWP issue or, perhaps, an Android 9 problem.

I wish this could be fixed as I don’t care to be forced to have an additional home screen page just to make things work right.


@frank - any suggestions?