KLWP Downsampling Background Image

Brandon Craft sent me.

Ordinarily this might not be noticeable but I'm using an Autodesk technical drawing for my background image. Its lines are very fine so once installed you can see quite severe blurring. Because I have the image as an svg I can be sure that the quality of the png render is very high.

Brandon advised me to try it with the stock launcher. He was right, the image is much clearer with the stock launcher so KLWP is downsampling the image. Is there any fix for this?

Many thanks.

Frank did implement a fix for larger images that corrected this: https://youtu.be/8F3iQtDYJnk and that issue is now resolved, but with image loss. This issue is at the hands of the dev. Fine lines indeed. Try attaching an image of how it looks with kustom enabled vs. the stock launcher so we can see the difference. Thanks!

For screenshots see here

I notice the image in that video is 3000x6000. My background image is 2040x1080.

Should I not just make the image much much larger? Would that work?

Nah. I tried it with a png image three times the size (perfectly upscaled). Then I converted that to jpg at 90% quality. Neither worked. In fact KLWP made the larger png's lines disintigrate.