KLWP Doesn't Set Wallpaper On Boot

Android 13. Motorola Razr 2023. Nova Launcher. KLWP Doesn’t set the wallpaper when I reboot the phone.

Did you set klwp as the system default LIVE wallpaper?

I don’t see an option for that, but I click “fix” when prompted by KLWP.

That’s an option in your phones settings (on my Samsung phone you get to wallpapers by holding down on an empty space on the homescreen). “fix” should ask you to set kustom as the live wallpaper though.

This isn’t a Samsung phone.

Incidentally, I do have a Samsung phone which also has Android 13 and Nova Launcher. It has no issue setting the wallpaper on boot up.

Android updated. It was just a security update as far as I could tell, but after that, the wallpaper sets properly on boot.

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