KLCK touch actions bug

Since an overnight update, all touch actions are missing in my KLCK. Even if i load another preset, there are no touch actions there, and i can not interact with it. It is possible to create new touch actions, but to be honest, i do not want to do my whole work from the last few weeks again :/. It is also not possible to save the lockscreen as new preset, the app flashes grey if i want to save it as other file and nothing is saved.

Klck Version: 3.75b405117beta

Have you considered downgrading to the previous version that worked for you?

I had the same thing with the beta that I just got from the play store - but it was even worse. The graphic elements were are resized incorrectly.

I reverted to the prior version (restoring with swift backup) - and lost all of my widgets.

Then I figured, let me recreate/reload from my saved presets and see what happens. No improvement.

I went back to the prior version and had to recreate all of my widgets.

I may have posted on the wrong thread - this was for kwgt…

I have to uninstall the app to be able to downgrade. Since I didn’t export my preset before the update, I don’t dare to uninstall the app. It is also not possible for me to export in the version, it is simply not saved in the storage. I’ve put a lot of time into this, I’m just hoping that an update will fix it.

A new version was just rolled out a few hours ago to address some issues on the previous beta. Check that out and see if it’ll help.

It is working again with the new version :slight_smile:

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