KLCK straight up doesn't work on Pixel 6

No root, and thanks to Google no KLCK lock screen either. I can’t even use KLWP in lock screen.

KLWP is not designed to work on lock screens, so that’s out of the question. As for KLCK, make sure to apply it. You can find instructions on how to do that on the docs page below.

Applied it, still nothing

Can you check and make sure that KLCK is allowed to “Display over other apps”?

Unfortunately i can confirm that at this point in time with latest Android on Pixel KLCK is not able to display over the launcher. I am investigating this issue however there might not be a fix as right now there is no proper way to create custom lockscreens in Android, i will update this thread once and if i find a workaround. If you purchased KLCK and want a refund just email [email protected].

KLCK works fine for me. I am currently on Android 13 QPR3 and Pixel 6.

This has been recently fixed in 3.74, there was a problem when KLCK had no phone state permission

@Ender please check last build 3.74 is available via manual download only while Google approves it

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