KLCK needs to stay open

Hello, I've downloaded the app but for some reasons lock screen doesn't work, unless KLCK runs on the background. What do I have to do?

What do you mean with "unless KLCK runs on the background", you mean the main app and if you swipe away the main app then also lockscreen is gone? Do you have any task killer or battery optimization app that might prevent Kustom to run in the background?

Exactly what you said. Basically if I swipe it away the lock screen disappear. I have to admit it didn't happen before with my older phone, I've started having this issue since last week, when I switched to Xiaomi Red note 5a.

Anyway I checked and I don't think I have anything like that, even though I'm kinda new to Nougat.

Are you sure Kustom is allowed to run in the background?

Thanks, fixed it! Looks like the app didn't have any permissions to keep running in the background.

Where was setting changed? Maybe i can give a warning in next version