Klck does not take the whole screen


Since before v3.70 of klck (I can't remember when exactly), the lockscreen wont take the whole screen anymore. I get about 1/7 of the space missing on the bottom of the screen. Behind, I see my wallpaper.

I think it appeared after a system upgrade a few months back, but unfortunately I can't remember exactly.

I'm on Samsung note 20 5g, Android 13.

This was happening to me this past week on my S23 Ultra. Right after a system update. It was weird because I have never had this issue where the *Bottom* of the screen was displaying a small portion of my Home screen wallpaper. In the past when I did have a problem, it was always At The TOP of my lock screen.
So, I rebooted my phone several times and also went into recovery an "wiped the cache partition."
KLCK issue was back to the top of the screen again and showed a small portion of my home screen wall.

I figured out how to fix my problem today and maybe it will also help you. -->

  1. I'm using Nova Launcher and in the Settings under Look & feel I have Transparent notification bar set and Always have so my KLWP theme/home screen displays as full screen without display the stock notification bar itself showing.
  2. Next, I went into the phone Settings > Display > Camera cutout. Now Scroll down to KLCK and select the setting = Show camera cutout.
  3. This FIXED the issue! You may be thinking that this seems like an a$$-backwards setting but I believe because of my Nova Transparent setting enabled & by displaying the camera cutout makes KLCK now show as full screen. Using the camera cutout setting on Hide (I think) will normally (without Nova) put some sort of black bar in the navigation bar area. Also note that the Camera cutout Auto setting Did Not Work for me.

    Good luck!