Klck does not show full lock screen

When unlocking the phone, the view created in klck does not cover the entire screen.

The top blue bar and the blur are part of the animated wallpaper, which is only available for the main screen (created with klwp)

al momento de desbloquear el telefono, la vista creada en klck no cubre la pantalla completa.

La barra azul superior y el difuminado son parte del fondo de pantalla animado, el cual solo esta disponible para la pantalla principal(creado con klwp)

This does not appear in the permission to be able to show them in full either.

dispositivo : samsung A34.
version klck: 3.76b418415

forum is English only ?

translated for your better reading

you mean to allow it be in full immersible mode(full screen mode)?

Yes yes, what happens is that it is not possible for me to put designs on top of the animated background, because the lock screen does not cover it completely, it makes it look like a bug

Not sure what went wrong but I installed klck granted draw over permission and when I go to unlock it is functioning as in immersive I don’t see anypart of my lockscreen or homescreen it even hid the notification bar and navigation bar. could you please try it with default preset(Swipe Dark) of klck or try to backup your current lockscreen then uninstall and install again and see if it happens. most probably immersive mode don’t have anything to do with this because klck uses Draw Overlay(Appear on Top in samsung) permission.

I already tried, but there was no improvement, I even updated and restarted the phone

can I ask something If you have Samsung phone I don’t know if other android manufacturers have this or not but there is option for “allow screen overlays on settings” in developer options. I don’t know if it fixes it, but this does seem like bug of klck.