KLCK Delay turning screen on after v3.51

Ever since v3.51, there is a 3 - 5 second delay between the screen on action (double tap to wake or power button press) and the display powering on and showing KLCK. The phone vibrates immediately after screen on action but stays black for a few seconds ( not, powered on with nothing to display black, but powered off black) and then pops KLCK. Before I go into setup and config, I'm running at ~ 90% ROM used and ~ 85% RAM used. Would that cause this issue? Usage was about the same before v3.51 with no delay. Thanks. (OP6T 128G, 8G Android 10.3.6)

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I’m facing this issue with KLCK v3.75b403516beta running on my OnePlus 7 (LOS 19.1 - Android 12L)

Is there a fix for this?

Go to KLCK’s app settings >> Advanced options >> Turn on “Disable wake on notification”.