KLCK brief features

Hi Dev,

I'm being using Kustom apps for a while, and recently I bought KLCK migrating from AcDisplay as its no longer maintained and update.

Here are few things which I noticed compared to AcDisplay Vs KLCK:

  1. Notifications are always grouped in KLCK, which makes it difficult to recognize individual events from apps. Eg: Phone app - if you have one missed call, it will show you the name and details of that contact. If you have more than one missed call, it will only show you "N" Missed calls & no individual details. Acdisplay is able to get individual events details for apps like this.
  2. Notification actions buttons are not accessible, you can mark a notification as "Mark as Read" or "Call Back", etc. All these actions vary from app to app which was very convenient to interact without unlocking the phone.
  3. KLCK has adb shell which is great, but I couldn't understand specific features or use cases which can use that or have root privileges.. Maybe like AcDisplay had Root support with Xposed for deep integration.

I'm very positive about KLCK as far as my experience until now.. I am writing this considering that KLCK is still in beta and you might be developing more in it. You can try using some of the great features from AcDisplay (it being open source - https://github.com/AChep/AcDisplay).

I would love to hear your thoughts and future vision for KLCK and Kustom apps.

Thank you for your support and work on such a great app.