KLCK and Nova not playing nice on P8P Android 14

Pixel 8 Pro
Android 14
Latest KLCK and Nova Launcher Prime

I tried with a blank preset with a swipe up unlock action and it does unlock the phone after face recognition, but then Nova launcher locks up and doesn’t animate the home screen. I then tried to add a Tasker task on a 4s delay to kill Nova and relaunch it as a workaround but it still stays locked up until I go kill Nova in App settings.

I really like the customization that is possible in klck and I am an avid user of kwgt so I am hoping there is a fix that I haven’t thought of or that is coming in the near future. Thanks!

So I found a workaround with Tasker. Unfortunately it’s rather clunky right now. It takes a solid five or so seconds before the KLCK Overlay disappears and the Google Lock screen kicks in to allow for secure unlock.


Combining this with the klck unlock resulted in Nova freezing up again.

I want to emphasize that this is not an answer to this issue. The unlock action in klck is causing Nova launcher to freeze.