KLCK 3.75b405117beta Issues

Upon update of klck to the new beta version, touch actions were removed from each object in my saved lock screen from the previous beta. I proceeded to re-add each touch action and save the file.

It was at that point I noticed that it was not reading the name of the preset file when you go to the preset library viewer.

Furthermore, media info appears to be broken at least for Spotify, I verified that the formula was still in place and resaved each of the media formulas with an additional test character to verify. Spotify was set in the settings as the preferred media player and all permissions were granted.

Additionally, trying to open the change log throws an error. Unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough to screenshot it.

I tried a clean reinstall of the app and it did not resolve the issues. Rolling back to the previous beta version fixes these issues for me. Thankfully I was able to patch back together the preset to the previous version and it seems to be working okay.

Android 14 Pixel 8 Pro

Same problem on my OP7 LOS 19.1 (A12L) after updating to KLCK 3.75b405

How did you manage do roll back one version? I already fucked up my wallpaper, because the auto save overwrote the older one already… But at least using the old version I can fix it…

Try this page

Thanks dude, my wallpaper out of the blue started working again, seriously, i didn’t do nothing and can’t understand how it came back from the dead, but now I just gonna accept it and don’t open the app until the next big update (to fix the mess)

Please download latest beta from:

Sorry for the issue. Please however keep testing! I need beta testers, this is really a very very unlikely scenario, i mean i do break small things in betas from time to time, but never as much as this time

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