KLCK 3.75b40351 6beta Saves Lockscreen as Notification After Editing Notification

KLCK v 3.75b40351 6beta
Android 14

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Edit an existing Notification from Modify link and Save
  2. Hit Back to go back.
  3. Select your Lockscreen and make an edit and save.
  4. Export as well.

.KLCK file saves as another extension in the Notification folder.
Additionally, if you go to your Lockscreen the changes will not reflect.
Remaining the file extension to .klck and moving it back to the Lockscreen folder allows you to load the preset.

Can’t seem to reproduce the issue. Does it properly work on 3.74 for you?

I tried to recreate the conditions on 3.74 stable and it worked properly. But then I tried the 3.75 b403516 to replicate again and didn’t get the glitch this time. May just be Android being Android… Who knows? :man_shrugging:

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