+Items in Advanced Editor - Possible Dumb Question

Possible Dumb question… Is there a way to see more than 4 lines/items in the editor? I looked around in the settings, didn’t see what I was looking for, but I could very likely not know what I’m looking for, or be looking right at it, and not know it? :sweat_smile:

well, technically if you edit in landscape it’ll be more than 4 :rofl:
but yeah AFAIK there’s no way to view more items. i think at one time frank give some new UI concept, with sizable item/preview but I’m not sure if or when it’ll be implemented.

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Yes, landscape will show you 6, but with a small preview page though.

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@Ace @Just_Robin
Omgosh you guys are geniuses! :rofl:
And for sure, 6 is better than 4! How did that not dawn on me to just rotate my dagum phone. Oy vey. :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_shrugging:t3: Lol thank youuu :pray:

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